Whispering pines on legendary Lang Biang

Whispering pines on legendary Lang Biang

If you have chance to visit Da Lat during your package holiday in Vietnam, you should go to “pines forest” Lang Biang , wander around the path and listen pines whispering endless love stories on legendary Lang Biang

Da Lat is always romantic, picturesque, gorgeous but very familiar. This foggy highland is attractive thanks to its charming flowers seasons and vitality of pines forests.

There are a lot of pines on Lang Biang mount. It is 2,167 meters high and 13 kilometers far from city center. It is regarded as “ roof of Da Lat”. It has long been a destination for tourists to explore the beauty of highlands in general and Da Lat in particular.

Besides, Lang Biang is also famous for its endless love affair of K’lang and Biang

It can be said that deep inside Lang Biang, pines are singing eternal love song.

Lang Biang can be conquered by 2 ways. The first is by driving Jeep car along twist roads. Alternatively, tourists can walk across romantic pines forest.

Whispering pines on legendary Lang Biang

Whispering pines on legendary Lang Biang

Walking along paths, tourists will be lost in a wild world full of blue of sky and pines forest. You will be challenged by steep slopes and twist roads before conquering Lang Biang

The road to Lang Biang is not long, about 5 kilometers but moutain roads can discourage tourists. However, they do not easily give up.

If you are knowledgeable about flora, you will realise that 5 leave pines are indigenous to Lang Biang.

It is easy to see pines bearing characteristics of a hero such as strength and unbendingness. They often remind tourists of a street corner in Europe.

Nowadays, there is a place on legendary Lang Biang which is called “Radar mount”. Driving Jeep car, you can get the view of Da Lat easily.

From Lang Biang mount and in cold highland weather, Da Lat is as picturesque as an oil picture. Da Lat looks like a red silk in the middle of forest, in the middle of Dan Kia Lake and Golden Stream.

In the heart of pines forest, all sadness seems to evaporate, leaving a refreshing blue of hope and immortality.

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