Where to eat in Hue

If you have chance to visit Hue, you should not miss the local cuisine with a variety of dishes. Especially, they are very cheap.

Bellows are some suggestions for you about where to eat and what to eat when visiting Hue

  1. Mussel rice: Mussel rice is a typical dish of Hue with the main ingredients of rice and marinated mussel. It is enjoyed with shrimp sauce, cabbage, baked rolled and roasted peas, all making an irresistible flavor. The best mussel rice can be found on Han Mac Tu, Truong Dinh, Cung An Dinh, Vi Da treet at the price of 2.000 vnd for a plate.
  2. Grilled pork and rice noodle: the greasy taste of grilled pork and the flavor of sesame, especially the sauce with papaya and carrot always attract tourists. Restaurants serving grilled pork noodle are located along Huong river. Besides, you can enjoy this wonderful dish in food stores on Ba Trieu, Nhat Le street or in Dong Ba market.
  3. Hue noodle: Hue noodle can be found in any region in Vietnam. Nevertheless, only in Hue can tourists enjoy the best noodle with its traditional flavor. According to many people, the best Hue noodle is sold at 17 and 19 Ly Thuong Kiet street.
  4. Pancake, sweet potato cakes (banh khoai), clear flour cake with leaf (banh bot loc): these cakes are favored by many tourists especially youngsters. You can go to Ngu Binh or Nguyen Binh Khiem street to try pancake, Thuong Tu sweet potato cakes in the afternoon from 15.00 pm to 17.00 pm to enjoy the best but cheapest street food in Hue.


Moreover, if you prefer restaurants with luxurious design and airy space, you can go to some famous restaurants in Hue such as Tinh Gia Vien ( 7K/28 Le Thanh Tong street), Ngu Uyen ( 6 Nguyen Hue street), Quynh Huong (133 Nguyen Sinh Cung), Khai Hoan (90-94 Le Loi street) to try traditional royal foods of Hue