When you’re young, you should travel whenever possible

My father is a soldier. It means that he spends almost all of his life for serving in the army. He has come only some contries such as: Czech, Russia. Meanwhile, my mother is a business-woman. On our house’s walls, beside my father’s certificate, there are many pictures of my mother, which was captured in her Myanmar package tourtour Vietnam CambodiaVietnam Thailand Cambodia tour

Most popular questions I have received are about time, and decisions. People often think that if someone, at a fixed age, has a fixed job, a family to take care, they can not do what they want anymore.

Top ten attractions in Myanmar holiday packages: Taung Kalat

Top ten attractions in Myanmar holiday packages: Taung Kalat

It is totally not true.

My father has retired, and my mother takes him to travel. My father is 70, and my mother is 60. It means that if you want to do something, don’t hesitate to do it. Do everything when you are able to do. Get all hesitation out of your mind. Remember, “able” here only means “alive”.

I honour soldiers in the army. They sacrificed very much. They nearly can not go anywhere. However, we can, we should go as far as possible. Do you know the stories of couples travelling around the world? In fact, they had to wash toilets, or work and receive a low wage to pay for what they need. Don’t be jealous of them. What makes it important is that you are happy.

Therefore, eradicate all negative ideas. Set off only because you can. Watch this world no matter how much money you have is. Take nice pictures no matter you go alone or not.