When to visit Vietnam?

Vietnam has advantageous climate and there are both mountains and the sea which is convenient for tourists to visit. Moreover, beauty spots spreading from the North to the South have different interesting features at different time. When to visit Vietnam? It depends on your hobby and your trip’s purpose.


To Vietnamese, autumn is the most beautiful season in the year. The weather is cool and comfortable, the scenery is stunning. Hanoi’s Autumn– the season when milkwood pines spread their fragrancy through every alleys and green sticky rice’s smell fills hands. Visiting the Northwest area, there are yellow rice terraced fields in Sapa and the white blooming cabbage field in Moc Chau. In Ha Giang, pink buckwheat flowers stretch out hillsides. Dalat is beautiful in every season but in the autumn, it has a distinct seductive beauty which can win every visitor’s heart.


If you love blue sea, white sand and bright sunshine, visiting Vietnam in the summer is the most ideal. Vietnam has a long coast stretching for 3.269 kilometer, there are many beaches recognized. You should not miss to go to these


The winter is also a wonderful time for travelling. In the North, Hanoi is shrouded in a patchy fog and taciturn scenery fascinating tourists. In the winter, Sapa is the only place that is snowy in Vietnam. Tourists come here to admire ice flakes, thin ices and feel the real winter.

Besides, sea tourism in the winter is also a tendency preferred by many tourists. In the winter, the sea is still very beautiful, romantic and the price is not as expensive as the summer. The most beautiful sea tourist areas are: Cat Ba, Ninh Chu, Mui Ne, Vung Tau, Phu Quoc…


Travelling to Vietnam in the spring is also an interesting choice. In the spring, trees’ pants come and buds appear. Therefore, everyone feels joyful and breezy. Spring is also festival season. Each region has its own festivals expressing its distinguishing characteristics. Visitors have chance to experience the beauty of culture and cuisine in the most wonderful way.

The North-West region is the most perfect destination in the spring. When the spring comes, this entire imposing region suddenly turns into a graceful girl by colorful flowers which can win everybody’s heart.

Consulting these above information may help you decide when to visit Vietnam so that you would enjoy the trip at its best.