What to buy as souvenirs when travelling to Malaysia

Shopaholics like Vietnam Laos and Cambodia tourstour Thailand Cambodia Vietnam and Cambodia Vietnam Laos Myanmar tour because everything here is really cheap. Malaysia is also a shopping heaven with a lot of discounts and sales campaign sometimes up to 70% at the end of the year or on bank holidays.

Goods are abundant with some unique items which are available in Singapore only. Belows are must-buy items that are recommended by shopaholics

Electronic items

You may be lucky enough to buy electronic items such as camera, mobilephone or laptop which are half as cheap as in Vietnam or in Singapore. It is advised that you go to shops that offer international guarantee.

Children’s clothes

Clothes for kids in Malaysia are quite cheap and of good quality. Besides, they are diversified in designs especially those of Disney brand. You can find them easily in shopping malls or in the market. Most of the sellers are friendly and do not charge too much so you can freely choose what you like.

Leather wallets

It is a good idea to buy leather wallets as souvenirs for friends and relatives. In sales season such as New Year months which fall from November 15th to January 16th this year, you can buy wallets of famous brands such as Marc or Prada at low cost.

Dairy for kids

Milk powder is cheap. You can buy milk products of famous manufacturers from German, France or USA at cheaper price than in Vietnam.

What to buy as souvenirs when travelling to Malaysia

What to buy as souvenirs when travelling to Malaysia


Souvenirs are plentiful.  You can buy small items such as model of twin tower, key chain, necklace, bracelet at the cost of $2-5. Kompleks Kraf in Jalan Conlay is a good store.


Ties are easily found in Malaysia from famous brand such as Robert Tabott or Thomass Pink to affordable ones.


Batik silk is one of the most famous brodace products. Price varies between $20 and 40.


Most people in Malaysia are Chinsese so it is easy to come across with streets where Chinese people sell herbals. You can find herbals to treat simple disease such as aching bones.

Teh Tarik tea

It is a reputed speciality of Malaysia which is sold in almost every street at the price of 300 thousand dong.

Tin items

Items made from tin are perfect souvenirs which can be bought anywhere such as shopping mall, souvenir shop or local market.

Royal Selangor is the biggest tin manufacturer in Kuala Lumpur. Tin items are sold at higher price than usual but you can be sure about their quality.