What to bring home from Vietnam


Each region has strange and beautiful souvenirs. Here are typical souvenirs that visitors could bring home after Vietnam trip


Colorful brocatelle souvenirs are prominent features of Vietnam Northern mountainous area’s markets. Making a bag, a keychain is a process of meticulous patience of gentle people here. All of the steps are done by hands so the brocatelle is very complicated and contains makers’ feelings and souls.

Handicraft products

With skillful hands, subtle eyes and enduring patience, makers create unique sophisticated artwork. Vietnam handicraft products are always appreciated for meticulous attention to every detail of the product. These souvenirs are pretty small but express the national culture Vietnamese passed down from many generations. Moreover, all products themselves contain lively soul of the country, Vietnamese people. Some items are chosen by many foreign tourists such as: lacquer, sand paintings, wood carvings, ceramics,…


Vietnam is the country having many unique delicacies. However, to bring home as a gift, you must mention some specialties such as:

Salted dry apricot

If you have chance to be in Hanoi, wonder in ancient streets, try the taste of salted dry apricot in Hang Duong, you will find it hard to forget the combination of sweet, salty and sour of this specialty. Hanoi’s salted dry apricot is not too sweet as Saigon’s, not too spicy as Thailand’s and not too salty as China’s. You can keep it for a quite long time so it is really suitable to buy as a gift.


Tea is a popular drink in the world and also good for our health. Vietnam is the country that plants a lot of tea trees and has many kind of delicious tea which you can choose to be a gift for your relatives such as: O Long tea, San Tuyet tea…


If you have opportunity to visit the Northern mountainous provinces, you should not miss the rare treasures that nature bestowed. The herb are cheap and of good quality because of being picked up by local people.

Dried products

Different kinds of dried fish and dried squid are famous unique specialty of Vietnam sea areas. Due to a large amount of fresh fishes, dried products are various and quality assured. Besides, dried beef and fruits are also appropriate choices.

Each tourist site has its own specialty and souvenirs with original region characteristics. The above souvenirs are just a little of Vietnam areas. Therefore, when travelling to a new land, tourists can find out themselves or ask local people for more information to buy meaningful gifts for friends and relatives.