What about 12 hours in Hue?

Hue is one of the best destination in package holidays to Vietnam

I have dreamed of the time I can see the majesty of Hai Van pass which was considered as the mightiest one of the world, see the great architecture of Hue my mom has visited. Therefore, I was very excited when I finally got there. In 2 days and 1 night, I visited: the Citadel – The capital of the Nguyen Lords, Thien Mu pagoda, Dong Ba market, and tried many dishes such as: Hue’s steak noodles, rice mixed with mussel, mussel with dry pancake.


Trains to Hue:

From Saigon: Soft seats, with air-conditioner: 694.000 vnd (SE8: depart at 6:00), 711.000 vnd (SE2: depart at 19:30).

From Hanoi: Soft seats, with air-conditioner: 478.000 vnd (SE7: depart at 6:00), 491.000 vnd (SE1: depart at 19:30).


Means of transportation in Hue:

1st choice: You can ask hotels’ owners for hiring a motorbike. Besides, there are many stores of motorbikes for rent on Le Loi street, or in the center of the city.

2nd choice: Hail a pedicab to go sightseeing.

3rd choice: motorbike taxi, taxi. Taxis in Hue are very outstanding. They are pink, yellow, or red. However, they cost much more than 2 kinds above.


Cheap motels and hotels in Hue:

They are often located in Chu Van An, or Le Loi area. The price of a single room is 200.000 for hotel, and 150.000 for motel.


Dishes of Hue:

You should try: rice mixed with mussel, “beo” cake, “nam” cake, Hue’s steal noodles. You can drop in on Nguyen Hue, Nguyen Cong Tru, or Phan Boi Chau street,… to try Hue’s specialities.

There are many things in a bowl of rice mixed with mussel: rice, peanuts, carambola, and something else. If you come with many other people, order some dishes to get together first. Because it is a mixture of many things, you may not like it at the first time you try it.

You should try: rice mixed with mussel, “beo” cake, “nam” cake, Hue’s steal noodles

You should try: rice mixed with mussel, “beo” cake, “nam” cake, Hue’s steal noodles

Mussel with dry pancake is a delicious dish although it is quite sour. They are 15.000 – 20.000.


Tourist attraction site in Hue:

Thien Mu pagoda:

It is 5 km from the center of the city to the West. Who visits Hue all visits Thien Mu pagoda.

Thien Mu pagoda

Thien Mu pagoda

Dong Ba market:

It was on my bucket list when I visited Hue. Dong Ba market is famous for its connection with events under Gia Long King’s Emperor, or Dong Khanh King’s Emperor. Like other markets, it is a place for trade. However, because of its history, it become the “soul” of Hue.

Tourists visiting here often buy palm-leaf conical hats, or bracelets,…
The Citadel

It is also called as The capital of the Nguyen Lords.

It is the place of palaces, temples of the Nguyen’s ancestors. It is only for royal members. You will be totally surprised by its architecture when you come in.

The fee for keeping motorbikes at gate is 5.000 vnd per motorbike. Entrance fee is 120.000 vnd a turn. On 02 September – The Independence Day, it is free to enter the Citadel.

It is very large inside, so you can feel tired. They also let you hire a transport of them to go sightseeing.

If you can not hire a tour guide, join a group with tour guide to know more about kings, and their life at that time.

Sit on a boat, and listen to folk songs:

The ticket for a seat on a boat is about 120.000 vnd. You will have 1 hour on a boat, and directly listen to folk songs. It is an amazing experience.

You also can release flower garlands. However, you have to pay for them.

Trang Tien bridge is famous because it is sticked to many events of Hue. Its colour change continuously, which has made Huong river more attractive.

Above are all my impressions of Hue. Hue is not noisy, but peaceful. Everyone is gentle, and delicate.

A day is enough for exploring Hue, and its beauty.

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