Weather in Sapa

Thanks to favorable weather conditions all year round, Sapa can be visited at any time of the year.

With temperate climate, Sapa is an ideal place for those who want to escape from hot summer days. Especially, you will have chance to feel the weather of 4 seasons during a day in Sapa. In the morning, the weather is like spring. At noon, it is sunny and cloudless as the weather of summer. In the evening, dew weather makes you feel like being in the autumn and at night, it is cold like winter.

The average temperature of Sapa is 15 Degree Celsius with the highest temperature in April (33 Degree Celsius) and the lowest temperature in January (0 Degree Celsius). The average humidity varies between 85-90% and Sapa receives an average rainfall of 2,762 mm per year.

You can travel to Sapa at any time of the year. Each season has its own features for you to explore.

  1. Spring: Spring falls from February to May with the average temperature of 15-18 Degree Celsius. You will have chance to get the spectacular view of plum flowers and green sprouts as well as enjoy the lively life of local people here.
  2. Summer: Summer falls from late May to early August. However, the summer weather in Sapa is not as intense as that in the plain or coastal area. During the day, the average temperature is 20-25 Degree Celsius and at night, it falls to 13-15 Degree Celsius. Sapa is an ideal place for you to spend your summer holiday.
  3. Autumn: the best time to visit Sapa is Autumn (from late Autumn to November) when you can enjoy the cool weather and fresh air. Especially, you will be impressed by the stunning beauty of ripen terraced rice fields.
  4. Winter: If you like the cold of mountainous area, you should visit Sapa in winter when it’s so foggy with the temperature under 0 degree Celsius sometimes. Visiting Sapa during the period of December – March, you will be expected to see snow or frost.