Weather in Da Nang city

Da Nang is a developed city which has many entertainment areas, tourism services and beauty spots. Especially, Da Nang has cool climate all year round, therefore, you can visit Da Nang at any time.

Da Nang has tropical monsoon climate with two separate seasons namely rainy season and dry season. Danang climate is a mixture of the North and the South’s climate.

Rainy season usually lasts from August to December. Dry season falls from January to July. During dry season, Da Nang is subjected to cold air from Northern region of Vietnam.

The average temperature of Da Nang is 29,5 Degree Celsius. Temperatures are highest between June and August (with daily temperature reaching 28-30 Degree Celsius). Temperatures are lowest between December and February (with daily temperature reaching 18-23 Degree Celsius). Mountainous areas with the height of 500 meters above sea level has lowest temperature of 19 Degree Celsius and Ba Na hills has lowest  temperature of 12-13 Degree Celsius.

The average annual rainfall in Da Nang is about 2000-2700 mm.  Its average humidity is 82%.

If you want to save money when travelling to Da Nang, you should travel during the period from January to April . The reason is that you will be likely to enjoy special discounts. In addition, you will have opportunity to join firework festival taking place during Reunification Holiday.