Weather in Hanoi, Vietnam

Hanoi has a mild and tropical climate – the typical weather of northern Vietnam with 4 distinct seasons: spring, summer, fall and winter. Therefore, visitors to Hanoi are able to feel the particular features of each seasons.

The annually average temperature in Hanoi is 23, 6ºC. To be more specific, the highest temperature is 29, 8ºC in June and the lowest one is 17,2ºC in January. The average humidity in Hanoi is pretty high, 79% with rainy days up to 114 days per year.

Because Vietnam is located in the tropical belt with a monsoon season, Hanoi weather is quite changeable. Generally, there are 2 longest seasons in Hanoi. The summer is hot and rainy, extending from May to September, otherwise, the winter is cold and dry, extending November to March.

Coming to Hanoi at the precise moment of fall and spring, visitors would have chance to feel the outstanding features of these 2 seasons. Autumn in Hanoi usually falls in October every year and the sign of autumn arriving is that when wandering along two sides of Sword Lake, you will see a lot of yellow leaves covering roadsides.

The beauty of Hanoi autumn is an endless inspiration for many poets and musicians with famous works. Visitors will experience an incredible and unforgettable trip when coming to Hanoi in fall.

Furthermore, if you want to enjoy the beauty and fresh air of spring, please visit Hanoi in April to enjoy energetic shoots and busy life of the local.

The weather in Hanoi, Vietnam is flexible to the change of four seasons. Tourist guests can choose the best time to visit Hanoi with the aim at exploring the beauty and attractive destinations.