Visiting Dalat’s suburbs in one day

This trip is bound to give you bundle of joys and excitements.

You will be taken to Dalat flower village where you can enjoy the specular beauty of a variety of flowers such as gerberas, lilies, carnations and roses…

You will continue to visit coffee plant garden where you will be introduced about the origin of the coffee plants as well as how to cultivate and take care of them.

In addition, you will have chance to drop by wine-producing area where the guide will tell you about the process of making wine. Especially, you can try rice and wine for free.

Cricket farm will be the next destination that gives you an opportunity to see boxes for raising crickets and learn about the way to feed them. Interestingly, you can hear crickets singing.

After cricket farm, you will visit silk weaving workshop and learn about the process of making silk.

Elephant waterfall, considered as national scenic site is also included in your trip. Located near the waterfall is Linh An temple, a famous attraction for tourist with the total area of 3,5 hectares.

The final destination is Chinese pagoda (also known as Thien Vuong Co Sat temple) which is famous for its turning table.

In the evening, you will come back the hotel and trip ends