Visiting Dalat’s garden houses

Dalat is not only famous for beautiful landscape, mild weather but also considered as one of the largest source of vegetables for the whole country. This tour will help you to see in person strawberries, and vegetables’ fileds which are planted in a different way in Dalat.

You will visit Hiep Luc strawberry garden belonging to Hiep Luc eco area. Here, strawberry is planted on a scaffold which is 1m from the ground without pesticides. You can pick strawberries right here, and buy home-made products .

Oganik fresh vegetables’ garden is 16km from Dalat city. Vegetables are planted according to a closed organic process without chemical fertilizer, or pesticides.

Then, you will visit Cau Dat hill of tea, Cau Dat tea factory (the oldest tea factory in Vietnam), Dalat Milk dairy cows’ farm to explore the process to produce milk here, mushroom garden and Thuong’s garden where there are many precious, and rare trees that treat some diseases.

The final destination is Dalat sculpture tunnel. It is an unique masterpiece which totally illustrate how Dalat was founded and has developed for years.