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Located in Vinh Huy Hai Commune, Ninh Hai District, Ninh Thuan Province, Vinh Hy Bay is in the North of Ninh Thuan Province, 40 km from Phan Rang city. It is one of the most beautiful bay in Vietnam with pure and clean water which is a suitable weekend holiday and could be consider the best tour among all Vietnam holiday packages.

Vinh Hy Bay is in the North of Ninh Thuan Province

Vinh Hy Bay is in the North of Ninh Thuan Province

How to get to Vinh Hy

To get to Vinh Hy, you have to get to Phan Rang city – Thap Cham. We choose to travel by train with the price 150.000 vnd/ticket/way. You can refer the price and schedule on the website It just takes 5 hours from getting on to arrive. On arriving in Phan Rang, you shall hire a motorbike to head to Vinh Huy to pass through as many places as possible ( Mrs. Nga: 0974018484, her vehicles are not quite good, if you know someone  has better one, tell me to complete). If you go by motorbike, you can drop in Ba Moi grape garden to buy grapes and apples, which are the specialities of Phan Rang, and bring to Vinh Hy Bay, slowly enjoying after swimming in the sea. Don’t forget to buy a wine bottle for seafood BBQ dinner.

Phan Rang - Vietnam

If you come Thap Cham for the first time, don’t worry to be lost. The locals are very friendly.

If you come Thap Cham for the first time, don’t worry to be lost. The locals are very friendly. You only need to ask how to get to Vinh Huy Bay, they will show you enthusiastically. From Ninh Chu Bridge, you start the way along the coast with the parts lying between 2 green hills, which makes you laze in the nature. What I love most is when a flock of sheep run from the field up to the road.

Where to stay in Vinh Huy

In Vinh Huy, there is many cheap hotels only from 250.000vnd/room/night with 2 beds (Mr. Hong: 0948746710). It is very suitable for self-travelling. If you want to have more experience, you can bring a tent and hire a boat to row to the fishing place near the port to sleep.

What to do for pleasure in Vinh Huy

Vinh Huy is a primitve bay. The water is pure and clear, especially in the summer. At Vinh Huy Port, many canoes are left to be hired to dive and watch corals at the price of 600.000-800.000 per each. The cano will take you to the places with many corals, and give you a life-jacket, a breathing tube  and a pair of goggles.

After watching corals, the canoes will lead you to a place with much seafood. You will choose kinds of seafood directly from the rafts. The rafts’owners will process at site, charging about 150.000-400.000 per kg for each kind. If you have time after swimming, you can drop in the national forest Nui Chua next to Vinh Huy.

This trip only takes 2 days and 2 nights, which is very suitable for ones in Saigon to go for at the weekend.

Night of Friday: Saigon – Thap Cham, by train (at 22 p.m SE4 departs from Saigon station to Thap Cham at 3:30 a.m) or by ferry

Saturday: Thap Cham – Grape Garden – Vinh Huy, hiring a motorbike is the best choice. You stay Vinh Huy at Saturday night.

Sunday: Leave Vinh Huy, back to Thap Cham to return the motorbike, at 13:40 p.m we get the train SE5 to Saigon at 20.00 p.m

The expenditure is about 1.000.000 per each

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