Vietnam’s dishes which are weird to foreigners


Do you know that the dishes you have every day are very weird to foreigners? That’s what I discovered when I talked with my friends during Cambodia Vietnam Laos Myanmar tour.

We consider sushi of Japan or scorpions of Chinese weird, but we don’t see that many of our normal dishes are weird in foreigners’ eyes.

Now let’s discover all the weird Vietnam’s dishes to prepare for your vacation packages to Vietnam!


  1. Balut egg

It is a popular dish in South East Asia countries such as Vietnam, Campuchia. It provide much protein, so are perferred by most of Vietnamese.

It has been in the list of 10 most weird dishes in the World. You know why foreigners are afraid of this dish, right?

  1. Wine

In Vietnam, we are accustomed to alcohol soaked with snakes, scorpions, sea-horses,… Vietnamese consider this kind of alcohol good for health. The animals used to be soaked in alcohol is normally alive.

They can use snakes, or sea-horses as a whole, or as a part to soak in alcohol.

Foreigners say that: “In Vietnam, they call it wine and they use cobras”. With balut egg, this kind of wine is also in the list of 10 most weird drink.

  1. Dog meat

Dog meat is now a popular dish in Vietnam as well as Asia countries. It is considered not only normal but also special. In Asia point of view, it has medical value.

In some Western countries, and Islamic countries, it is banned to get dog meat. Many foreigners are curious why Vietnamese get dog meat while raising dogs.

  1. Chrysalis

In Vietnam, we consider chrysalis as a dish full of protein. It is sold widely, especially in countryside.

Foreigners see them as bugs. In Asia, they eat chrysalis, and bee’s larvals, too. However, in Western countries, they never get this kind of dishes.

  1. Pig’s legs, tail, and tongue

Pork is not a strange dish to foreigners. Howevver, they never get pigs’legs, tails, and tongues. In Vietnam, they are favourite dishes of many people. Pregnant women often eat trotters because they are good for them.

Foreigners see this very strange, and incomprehensible.

  1. Mouse

Mouse is now no longer a strange dish to Vietnamese, and some countries in the World. You can eat harvest mouse, or shrew mouse.

However, many people are scared of them, and can not eat them.

  1. Snake

When it comes to snake, you can ignore Le Mat snakes. There are approximately 10 house specializing in processing snakes in Le Mat village. Customers can choose kinds of snakes, such as: copperhead, krait, … Snakes have much acid amin necessary for health.

Many people consider snakes poisonous and dangerous.

  1. Shrimp paste

It is made from shrimp and salt with a special flavour. In Vietnam, it is indispensible in some dishes such as “bun dau mam tom”, “bun thang”,…

Shrimp paste which I ate on a Vietnam package tour

Shrimp paste which I ate on a Vietnam package tour

It is very strange to foreigners. And most of them are afraid to eat when they know the origin and recipe of shrimp paste.

  1. Blood pudding ( tiet canh)

It is in the list of 10 most weird dishes in the world, too. It is a bowl of blood combined with “fish sauce”, salt, and cartilage minced.

It is an unique dish. No country has a similar dish. 2 popular kinds are pig’s and duck’s blood pudding. Besides, you can see swan’s, crab’s, snake’s, goat’s blood pudding. They don’t make dog’s, and chicken’s blood pudding because they are harmful.

  1. Green orange

In foreign countries, they call oranges orange because they are orange. Therefore, foreigners ar very surprised when seeing green oranges. They ask:”Is it an orange, or a green?”.

They seem to be weird, however you should try them. They are both delicious. My experience guiding in Vietnam tour packages shows that tourists loves these dishes.