Vietnam vacation package in Nov: Visit sunflowers’ garden in Nghe An

Holiday package to Vietnam in November – Visit sunflowers’ garden in Nghe An

Beside Hoi An holiday packages, there are many other popular tour packages to Vietnam. In the end of November, when it come to the topic holiday package to Vietnam, everybody starts paying their attention to the sunflower field in Nghe An. Not charming as others, this kind of flower attracts tourist in a very special way. No wonder why it is full of travelers coming here for a wonderful vacation package to Vietnam.

A few years ago, the sunflower field in Nghe An started becoming an attraction site of travellers both on vacation package and backpacking. Located beside Ho Chi Minh Road, it is 30 ha wide (is a part of 19/5 farm, Nghia Son, Nghia Dan, Nghe An) and  become very splendid in harvest. Yellow sunflowers make an attraction that no one can deny. It blooms 2 times a year, March-April, and November-December. Its circle of life is very short, only blooms in 2-3 weeks, so many people plan to visit the sunflowers field in the early of November.

Visit sunflowers’ garden in Nghe An on Vietnam holiday package

Visit sunflowers’ garden in Nghe An on Vietnam holiday package

Nghe An is one of the places where sunflowers are grown in Vietnam, but the first purpose of the field is not for travel. Sunflowers are grown for feeding milk cows, and later open for sightseeing. They are divided into lines. Arriving at this field, travellers will feel as if they are walking in sunflowers’ garden in Ukraine, Thailand, or Japan, which makes a memorable holiday package in Vietnam.

Sunflower is considered as a symbol of belief and hope. In days of November, although sky is grey, the sky in Nghia Dan is always lightened by the brightness of thousands of “suns”. The yellow will make you feel cozier in winter. It is unbelievable that in a barren land in the middle of our country, such a beautiful kind of flower can grow up, and become very attractive.

As usual, in the end of November, travellers from everywhere head to Nghe An to take beautiful pictures of sunflowers. Walking in lines of sunflowers is really really breathtaking.