Vietnam travel health advice

Before setting off on a tour, besides normal things such as passport and visa, money is not all concern but tourism experiences which are also necessary for a perfect journey. Of them, health issues when going on a tour is a really important factor that you should not miss.

  1. Before your trip, you should visit a doctor to check your health generally and consult for essential experiences of health for your tour.
  2. You also need an emergency medical kit consisting of common medicines: antibiotics, injection needle, basic first aid kit (bandages, painkillers and essential vitamins)
  3. Knowing basic first aid techniques is not only good for you but also for partners travelling with you.
  4. Be careful in eating

Cuisine is an important part in your trip. Therefore, you should eat enough and safely. Although street vendors are convenient and eye-catching, you still have to be careful. Before eating any kind of fruits, you should wash them in clean water and peel them.

  1. Engaging in regular physical activities when travelling.

To ensure that you have good health to go to your desired destinations the day after, you should not stay up too late the night before. Sleeping enough make you comfortable and ready to enjoy your trip.

  1. Searching for climate and weather in each region to prepare necessary things sufficiently. In the summer, you should bring sunscreen, sunglasses and external medicines. If you visit Vietnam in winter, warm clothes and scarves are necessary.