Vietnam travel from a foreigner’s viewpoint

Journalists often emphasize on the good image of Vietnam holiday packages with the eye of a foreigner. However, there are different viewpoints which we need to consider.

Helmburger is an American who have travelling around the world for 2 years and writing blogs of the lands he has passed and the experience he has had. It is so sad that most of his experience in Vietnam is not so good. He has listed many of reasons.

One of the most important reasons is trick. Vendors, tour agencies often lie to Helmburger and his girlfriend to get more money. “I’m tired of being tricked” Helmburger wrote. He told that taxi drivers try to go around for more money; a card vendor lie to him that she made all card by herself. To have the best price, you should try a prestigious agent such as gialinhtravel.

The second reason is that the price is different between foreigners and Vietnamese. Foreigners have to pay a larger sum of money than Vietnamese do for travel services, and souvenirs,… Not all foreigners have much money. If they do, imagine that you are forced to pay more than the locals when you get somewhere.

Tuy Hoa - Vietnam

Tuy Hoa – Vietnam

Vendors, motorbike drivers often try to touch customers when ask them to buy something or use their services. Tatiana, his girlfriend, said that: “It is an outrage to me!”

There are reasons that even the locals hate. Helmburger said that he hates noise in Vietnam. He wrote: “The sound on streets are so loud that I have to use headphones because I get tinnitus when I back to hotel. Engine vehicles run on streets all day, everyone beeps the horn. It is a beep every 5-7 minutes on average. They kept beeping the horn when driving. In Hanoi, you can hear beeps even when you are in a hotel room. Loudspeakers are everywhere. They say some times a day, force travelers as well as the locals to turn a deaf ear to them. Their sound infringes the sound of hooters. Between those sounds, I’m jealous of deaf people.”.

We all see the problems Helmburger listed. However, we soon get accustomed to those sounds. However, we need to take care of them.

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