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You are given a Vietnam Travel deal whose value is to discover the beauty of Vietnam in 5 days 4 nights. What should you do? It is one of the most popular questions resulted from an annual report of Gia Linh Travel. It individually means a lot for travelers who intend visiting Vietnam.

Though it sounds as a piece of cake as it only takes two minutes online to search with a phrase “Vietnam Travel deals”, you are literally swamped with hundreds of results. NO right decision is made right that time. This multi-part article is about Vietnam Travel, which mainly shows you typical destinations in Vietnam that NONE of travel companies leaves them out of their Vietnam tours, especially when you are in Vietnam around 5 days.


I proudly call that place where I come from as a legendary land. Geographically, Vietnam has more than 50 provinces in which each place has its own beauty. Why I call Ninh Binh as a legendary land? In spite of most appearing in tour packages of Vietnam travel companies, it is not my answer! It is that Ninh Binh, where all the best things in Vietnam come together, has full of values of history, religion, captivating and nature.

Generally, it takes only two hours to get Ninh Binh province from Hanoi, a part of the Red River delta, whose terrains include limestone caves & grottos, the delta raised by Red River where the first capital of Vietnam was born there over 1000 years ago and an 18-kilometer coastline. In addition to these incredible sites, Ninh Binh also attracts many researchers by Cuc Phuong national park known as the first and largest natural reserve of Vietnam. I have not mentioned to cuisine and religion of Ninh Binh, which is introduced by many travel deals in Vietnam, because it deserves a separated article shared fully.

Visiting Hoa Lu, the ancient capital of Vietnam since 968, you instantly understand why we used to choose there in order to build a strong dynasty. Thank to majestic mountain ranges and gentle rivers rounded, the capital looked impressive and unbreakable. Nowadays, its greatness has not changed with time, though the capital was faded away partially. You must gasp of admiration about that imposing scene and my TIP for you, which your travel agent are unlikely to NOTE in Vietnam travel deals, is “ready your camera and extra SD card to keep beautiful moments to yourself”.

At this moment, a memory that I visited Tam Coc, Ninh Binh at the first time is all coming back. That day that was extremely nice gave me a beautiful moment. I was same as others and pretty excited to visit Tam Coc, which is said as the Halong Bay on land. My friend and I also rented a bamboo boat (I think that the service may includes in all of Vietnam travel deals) drove by a local, which is advised as the best choice to discover Tam Coc on a river rounded by rice fields with full of yellow. It was lively and colorful to drift along the river about two hours slowly. Perhaps, Tam Coc is always the first site in Ninh Binh in every Vietnam travel deal. Because it truly helps you separate yourself and cool down your soul while melting all into a picture made by water, limestone mountains covered up full of yellow rice fields. A tiring two-hour road trip from Hanoi gradually disappears. I felt high by that romantic view and crazy to take photos continually until I met a girl whose eyes are big and blue. I got a big crush on her at first sight. The scenery got better than it had ever been and her smile to me did soften the shine and made Tam Coc an unforgettable destination of mine until now. I am a romantic man indeed and a gentle gesture is enough to make my heart flutter. Tam Coc is beautiful and her eyes are too.

I am probably to forget the purpose of this article instead of sharing myself too much. It is perhaps long enough for the first part of Vietnam Travel. Do not forget to bookmark this page for travel articles in Vietnam where you can find a Vietnam travel deal that fits your upcoming journey to my country. Thank you very much.