Three “hot” tourism trends in Vietnam in 2016

Rent a private jet

Previously, only foreign travel agencies dare to charter one plane for international visitors to visit Vietnam, but today, we could see that many Vietnam travel agencies could offer the private jet for both domestic and international markets.

We can see in the media, advertising for a tour with a private plane is getting more popular. Some travel agencies reserve one flight and share the seats with other companies or fulfill the seats by themselves. Traveling by air has become a tourism style with affordable and convenient flight times for customers.

According to several agents, working together codeshare on flights, reserving one flight and even opening flight routes have brought the huge benefits for businesses in the initiative on transport, flight time and competition on the airfares. Besides, good price factors, new forms of experience in private jet is the plus point that attracting more and more tourists to this new type of tourism.

Volunteer Travel

Travelling in combination with activities to help the community is volunteer tourism model attracting the attention of many visitors, especially the young people recently. This is a save type of travelling but has social meanings.

Unlike the regular tour, volunteer tourism in the mountainous regions where local are often poor and difficult in economic but has the potential for tourism development. Participants in this tour are tourists, but also being a volunteer. Perhaps because Vietnam travel agencies give reasonable prices and tourists have many opportunities to experience in social work, so this type of tourism has attracted the attention of young people.

Tourism combined Team building

One more type of tourism that is becoming the trend of young people, especially those who are working in the company is traveling combined with team building. Team building can be understood simply building activities based on the establishment of the team or group.

Teamwork can be applied in many fields in which work is split for each group. Team building is a simulation of this principle through games. Thus, recently, many Vietnam Travel agencies have given out tours combined team building.

This type of travel is a combination of relaxation and group activities through games to help all members learn how to work together effectively.

There is no specific charges for team building as it’s included in the package tours that each Vietnam travel agency has their own way of organization. The expense will be different depending on games’ level (difficult or easy, simple or complicated), objects and ideas of each game.

Vietnam with many interesting places which are very suitable for travelling combined team building. As the result, Vietnam travel agencies can develop this kind of tourism