Vietnam: A destination with many options

With the prevailing trend of world tourism in 2016, one can see that Vietnam has sufficient potential elements to satisfy the needs of tourists in all types of travelling. Single travelers can be assured to be safe as Vietnam is always in the list of stable and safety nation selected by famous sites and newspapers such as Business Insider, Diplomat …

Vietnam attracts tourists who like adventure because of varied topography, pristine and wild natural beauty. Many Vietnam travel agency offer adventure tours to meet the clients’ demand. A lot of tourists want to explore the spectacular caves in Quang Binh province such as Son Doong Cave, En Cave, Tu Lan Cave, Dark Cave… And in order to join in this special kind of tourism, Vietnam travel agencies require participants to be physically and mentally well. These trips will surely bring tourists great and unforgettable experience. Furthermore, some other adventure activities offered by Vietnam travel agencies are kayaking in Ha Long Bay, surfing in Mui Ne, snorkeling in Phu Quoc, biking across Hai Van mountain pass … attract many tourists when they visit Vietnam. Vietnam also has river and tributary system stretching from the North to the South, a long coastline, numerous islands and archipelagos which are good for the development of the tour on rivers and seas

For those who are interested in community tourism and cultural understanding, Vietnam travel agencies guide them to visit the families in the old quarter of Hanoi, in Ho Chi Minh City; call to villages of Thai and Mong ethnic people in the Northwest; Tay and Dao tribe in the Northeast; Co Tu, Ede, Ba Na  people in the Highlands …, to witness and enjoy the elite cuisine, local folk dance, traditional handicrafts as well as the friendliness and hospitality of local people here. In Hoi An (Quang Nam), the type of homestay tourism (stay with local people) has been highly appreciated. And in the Mekong Delta, many garden houses are built in the rice paddy fields or in the fruit gardens which bring fresh and friendly feelings to the guests.

According to many travel experts and Vietnam travel agencies, to improve the quality of this type of tourism, local people need the support from tourism department and local government organization in order to be trained about services, foreign language and diverse tourism products. The other factors should be done to attract more customers and enhance competitiveness are raising public awareness, traditional identity preservation, environmental protection

Notably, in 2016 Vietnam is expected to be named to the list of attractive tourist destinations appearing on films. In 2015, the stunning footage made in En cave (Quang Binh), Ha Long Bay (Quang Ninh) and Trang An tourist site (Ninh Binh) impressed in a film of Hollywood (US) which cost the fee up to 150 million USD, that’s “Pan and Neverland”. However, unfortunately, there was no action from tourism department or Vietnam travel agencies to take advantage of this event to create tours or make advertisement accordingly. Meanwhile, we can see a fact that after the success of each famous film, filming locations immediately became an attractive tourist destination, souvenirs related on film were made following. Some countries such as Sweden, Ireland, New Zealand, South Korea, Thailand and Cambodia had good and professional strategy, who make good use of the opportunity to promote tourism through the screen. Therefore, the “Kong: Kull Island” – a blockbuster of the world leading filmmakers chose Vietnam as a field to make their film is a good signal, however, we also need to learn from experience to co-operate and promote effectively, contributing to tourism development.