Travel Insurance should not be disregarded


There is a fact that, most of Vietnam visitors do not have the habit to buy travel insurance, even they come to unsafe places. If they order tours from Vietnam travel agency, they entrust completely with the operators. And when something goes wrong, tourists will always be disadvantaged …


Do not buy because … do not care


Travel insurance can be considered as a ticket to ensure that tourists will have a comfortable and safe holiday. According to Tourism Law in 2005, Vietnam travel agencies have to buy travel insurance for clients if they book tour. If clients travel inside country, it is not compulsory to buy travel insurance unless guests request. Therefore, tourists nearly don’t pay attention to buy travel insurance because they think that it’s costly or unnecessary.

There are many insurance companies such as Bao Viet, Bao Minh, AAA, HSBC, ACE, Liberty… with different kinds of insurance. At the moment, the lowest  travel insurance rate for domestic tourists is only 1.500 VND / person / day and the maximum compensation tourists can get is 10 million dong in case of accident (unexpected circumstances such as death, disability due to accident or sudden illness during the trip). If tourists want, they can buy insurance at higher level from 3.000  to 4.500 VND / person / day. However, according to Vietnam travel agencies, their clients don’t always request to buy travel insurance or buy themselves, even though they join in adventure tours.


Do not know about the rights


Some countries require that travel insurance will be compulsory if you want to apply visa to their countries. A lot of tourists following tours from Vietnam travel agencies usually entrust completely in them. Then, they don’t know exactly about their travel insurance condition (about the expense, what they could get in bad cases).


For example, some insurance companies will support clients in case they meet unexpected situation such as persecution or serious insecurity during the trip. However, many airlines or travel agencies don’t give these situation in the list of being freely supported, so, tourists always lost more money for flight cancelation or changing flight.


Some Vietnam travel agencies do not always mention clear information relating insurance in the tour program. So, when something wrong happens to the clients, none wants to take the responsibility


So, whenever you start a trip, you’d better find a reputable insurance company, verify the benefits, clarify the compensation to ensure for a safe tour.


A backpacker Pham Ngoc Linh shared in a forum that: “When you buy a tour, you should learn in details about how to use travel insurance. Giving out hypothesis: If any case happens, how will the insurance company solve? What is their responsibility? These seldom consulted in a tour. You should determine that buying travel insurance is because of you, not due to compulsory. And above all, do not buy if you do not know your purpose”.