Tourist attractions in Dalat

Dalat has become one of must-see destinations for those who have a visit to Vietnam. Beside many luxurious resorts, Dalat is famous for many scenically attractive areas and historical relics.

  1. Relics:

Truc Lam monastery: It is the biggest monastery in Vietnam, located beside Tuyen Lam lake which is 5 km from the city. Its architecture is the combination of Western and Eastern architecture.

Phuoc Linh pagoda: It is 8km from the center of the city. It is also called as Ve Chai pagoda because there is a dragon made of 12.000 beer bottles in the pagoda’s yard. It attracts many travellers because of its unique architecture.

Domaine De Marie church: It is also called as Vinh Son church, or Mai Anh church, located on Ngo Quyen street. It is 1km from the city to the South West. It was built from 1930 in new style. It has been included in the tour program of many travel companies.

Dalat market: Built in 1929 and renovated in 1993, Dalat market is the first many-floor market in Vietnam with 3 floors. There are many things sold here and it attracts many travellers to visit and shop every day.

  1. Scenically attractive areas:

Langbiang mountain: It includes 2 big mountains called Male and Female mountain. The mountain is 2.167 high compared with sea level, and considered as the “rooftop” of Dalat.

Xuan Huong lake: Travellers shall not ignore Xuan Huong lake when coming to Dalat. It is located in the city center, surrounded by a pine forest, and flowers. It is 7km long, 25 ha wide, very suitbale for strolling, or riding bicycle around.

Love valley: It is 5km from the city to the North, considered as the most romantic and poetic place in Dalat. It is also the place where many couples choose for dates. This is also the place where Da Thien lake is located. The lake is made of many flows from the top, and surrounded by a pine forest.

Dream hill: Dream hill can be considered  as a “small Dalat”. It includes villas, lakes, restaurants, entertainment areas, shopping mall. This is also a favourable place in Dalat.

There are many other famous tourist attractions in Dalat, such as: Van fall, Cam Ly fall, Prenn fall, Datanla fall, Pongour fall, Hang Cop fall, Grumpling lake, Yellow valley,…