Tips to avoid overpricing in Vietnam travel packages


Dalat resort has a different beauty that is really attractive. When having a tour to Dalat, you will be impressed by th scene of pines among mountains, falls sounding all days and nights… all become the soul, and the feature of the 100-year-old plateau. Dalat has a western beauty with the European architecture of the 18th century, and the specific characteristics of eastern culture such as Chil, Lach people, and traditional dances of gongs. Streams, and falls appear and disappear alternately in tropical forests. The hills of pines stretch endlessly. Gardens of flowers and grass covers are made more beautiful with dewdrops. “Ma Rung Lu Quan” tourist area is still primitive to discover. All those simple, but poetic beauty of Dalat makes an unforgettable impression on tourists, and attracts many tourists booking Vietnam tour packages to visit Dalat every year. However, a problem has recently arisen, making tourists upset. It is forcing tourists pay a higher price than the real value.

I have seen many people have to pay a very high price for things during their Vietnam travel package. By the way, I will show you some tips to avoid this problem.

First, it is the story of “Buy a sweater of 300.000d at 1,2 million”. Many clothes stores apply very high price. Therefore, the tip for you is to bring clothes for cold weather. If you forget, you can come by the stores on streets. You should be carefull when buying clothes in Dalat because sellers only sell when they get 4 times of the cost price. If you can not bargain well, you can be cheated to buy clothes at a high price.

Second, it is “A normal meal is 880.000d”. I advise you to ask about the price before having a meal in a restaurant on Nguyen Chi Thanh street. You can get to the behind gate of Dalat University to have a delicious meal at a reasonable price. If you are rich, go to the restaurants whose prices are public clearly.

Da Lat - unmissable place when in Vietnam tour packages

Da Lat – unmissable place when in Vietnam tour packages

Third, you should choose the ares which are far from the center of the city to watch gardens of flowers. As far as I’m concerned, the people in those areas are very friendly, and honest. Sometimes they also let you go sightseeing for free. In the center of the city, they will treat you as a customer to get money from you.

Above are all the things I know about Dalat, Lam Dong in summer. If you have better tips, don’t hesitate to share. Because summer is coming, there will be many tourists choosing Dalat as a destination for their Vietnam travel package. I don’t want to see anyone paying a higher price than the real value in Dalat anymore.