The ideal shopping destination in Hanoi

Traveling to Hanoi, visitors would have chance to purchase whatever they want at busy markets and the most modern commercial centers in Vietnam.

Shopping in every trip is indispensable for travelers. In particular, visitors can buy themselves, families and friends a lot of unique souvenirs which feature Hanoi’s characteristics.

In order to help you to choose the most suitable souvenirs, here are some suggestion for ideal shopping places:

Hanoi busy markets.

Night market in the Old Quarter: Coming to the center of Hanoi, visitors can visit night market on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights every week. The walking market area stretches 3 kilometers spreading across Hang Dao, Hang Ngang and Hang Duong streets. Two sides along these streets are houses with ancient structure and traditional beauty of Hanoi.

Visitors will have chance to purchase a diversity of goods ranging from clothes, footwear, household commodities to crafts and fine arts, souvenirs at nearly 4000 different kiosks with affordable prices.

Hang Da market: located in the middle of Hoan Kiem District, the market has numerous items, especially in textile and fur clothes. It is the traditional market in Hanoi and a transit point providing goods for neighbor areas.

Hang Be market: Situated on Cau Go street, Hoan Kiem District, Hang Be market is a place for guests to come and buy handicrafts, lacquer and wood-carved items. Furthermore, it is also a cultural destination for the local’s living and daily exchanges.

Quang Ba flower night market: if you want to explore the beauty of flowers Hanoians love, you can go to Quang Ba flower night market (Tay Ho) at 2 a.m to feel the busy life here.

Top shopping malls in Hanoi.

Trang Tien Plaza: it can be said that the biggest and most traditional commercial center in Hanoi is Trang Tien Plaza (Hang Bai-Hoan Kiem). The center was constructed in 1999 and have been repaired several times to reach the international standard with variable and luxury goods.

Big C shopping center: For those people who want to buy commodities for daily life, Big C truly is the best choice. All items’ price is followed by the market’s price, so travelers can easily purchase any items they want with professional payment.

Towers Vincom: Vincom Center Ba Trieu is the high-ranking and busy commercial center with a lot of top deluxe items in Hanoi. The center has 21 floors supplied modern and standard equipments. It also has the 2 biggest towers of the capital opened in 2001.