West Lake – the lake of different names

West Lake is the largest lake in the centre of Hanoi with the area of 500 ha. Located in the Northwest of the city, West Lake was created from a curved part of Red River and appeared in several Vietnamese legends, accordingly, it’s called in many different names such as: Fox Corpse Lake (“hồ Xác Cáo”), Golden Buffalo lake (“hồ Kim Ngưu”). In the period of Ly Tran Dynasty, people named it Foggy Lake (“Đầm Đàm”), and its name was changed to West Lake in The Ly Dynasty (the 15 century)

West Lake is the landmark of the capital which had long been used as resorts for Kings and mardarins of many dynasties. There were many palaces built around the lake such as Thuy Hoa Palace in the Ly Dynasty, Ham Nguyen Palace in the Tran Dynasty (which is Tran Quoc Pagoda now), Tu Hoa Palace in the Ly Dynasty (which is Kim Lien Pagoda in Nghi Tam village at the moment), Ngoc Dam Palace in the Tran Dynasty…

The road covers around the lake is about 12 km which leads to the flower village of Nghi Tam, Tay Ho, the peach blossoom garden of Nhat Tan, and there are many famous commue house of village,temples and pagodas along the road

West Lake is now abundant with many gardens, hotels, restaurants and other entertainment centers.

Hanoi attractrion – Truc Bach Lake

Being one of welknown lakes in Hanoi, Truc Bach Lake has its own meaning of not only landmarks but also history

Formerly, Truc Bach Lake and West Lake joined to each other. Until 1620, it was separated from the West Lake by the construction of a narrow dike Co Ngu (now is Thanh Nien Road). In the 18 century, the Lord Trinh Giang had a palace constructed on the lake shore which first served as a pleasure palace but was later converted into a prison for royal concubines found guilty of crime who had to made silk to live themselves. The silk they produced, known as “Bamboo Village Silk”.

On the lake there’s a small hill-up on which a temple was built called Cau Nhi Temple (it’s no longer now).

On October 26, 1967, US Navy aviator John McCain was shot down and parachuted wounded into Truc Bach Lake, nearly drowning. He was dragged out of the water by city residents.