Quan Thanh Temple – one of the four sacred temples of the capital

As shown by three words at the top of principal gate of the temple, this should be “Chân Vũ Quán”. There was this name from the year of 1840, and before that time, it’s called ” Trấn Vũ Quán” while people usually name Quan Thanh Temple – considered as one of the four sacred temples of the capital.

This temple is the place of worship of  Saint Tran Vu who is an iconic combination between Vietnam legendary figure (a figure who helped King An Duong Vuong chase away demons during the construction of Co loa Citadel) and a Chinese figure (Guardian of the North of the Country).

Built during the reign of King Ly Thai To (1010-1028) and renovated many times to make it like what we can see nowadays, Quan Thanh Temple has a bronze stutue of Tran Vu casted in 1677 which is 3.96 metres high and about 4 tons in weight. The statue appears as a sitting Taoist hermit in good dress but loosen hair and without shoes or sandales,  the left hand passes magic and the right hand holds a sword.

There’s also a bronze bell casted at the same time with the statue which is about 1.5 metres high and hanged on at the guard gate.

Inside the temple, there’s also a smaller bronze statue of “Old Trong” who made the statue of Saint Tran Vu without any fee. His wish was that to be inoffically worshiped in the temple after dying, therefore, his students casted a statue of him to express their gratitude to the teacher.