Cham Sculpture Museum – the depository of golden past of Cham’s people

Located on quiet areas to the south of Da Nang, Cham Sculpture Museum is the depository of the golden past of Cham’s people. The building was begun construction since 1915 and until 1936, it was completed and opened to welcome visitors.

In this period, the Museum was managed by the School of Ancient Far East of Hanoi. Actually, more than 20 years before the construction, Cham artifacts were found in the area of Da Nang, Quang Nam and neighboring provinces. A photo taken in the early twentieth century shows the selected location to focus the exhibits were a large wooded mound, churches, willing stone statues scattered outdoors.

The collection of Cham sculptures from the late nineteenth century was made by French archaeologists, especially those who work for the School of Ancient Far East of France (L ‘Ecole Francais d’ Extreme – Orient, short EFEO) and colleagues Vietnam

The gallery hall was built with the familiar pattern of ancient Cham tower, especially the roof of the museum is very similar to the ancient towers.

Currently the museum has 297 original works from the seventh century until the fifteenth century. These works are made of sandstone and terracotta. These objects have characteristics typical of Cham sculpture, an ancient, massive and talented art in Vietnam. Cham sculpture has a close relationship to the structure. Temples, palaces, towers, churches are scattered along the coast of central zone of Vietnam

By the magic hands, Cham artisans vividly represented the beauty of human being, animal under forms of myths about the gods of Hinduism such as Linga, god creator Brahma, god Vishnus (god of conservation), god Xiva (god of destruction) …

The artifacts in the museum of Cham sculpture are exhibited in 4 rooms and 3 halls: My Son room, Tra Kieu room, Indochina room, Thap Man room. Exhibits objects also are placed in the corridors connecting rooms..

The yard in front of the gallery is full of great old trees that make the scene more  original with ancient breath .

The museum of Cham sculpture in Danang, Vietnam is conserved, maintained and repaired with frequency, they also send people with artistic profession to guide, instruct visitor to help them understand about Cham culture.

Being one of the highlight destinations in Danang – whenever you drive from Danang airport to Hoi An or from Hue to Hoi An – the Cham sculpture museum should be included in your schedule to help you learn more about the “golden” past of Cham people – one of the ethnic people groups in Vietnam