Soc Trang travel guide

Soc Trang is a coastal province located in Mekong Delta. It is 231 kilometers far from Ho Chi Minh city and 62 kilometers far from Can Tho city. With giant paddy fields and fruit gardens, Soc Trang is considered as heaven of tourism.

Best time to visit Soc Trang : Soc Trang enjoys subtropical climate zone with 2 separate seasons in a year namely rainy season lasting from May to October and dry season lasting from November to April. You can travel to Soc Trang at any time during the year. However, the best time for travelling is November when you will have chance to participate in famous traditional festivals.

Means of transportation: Departing from Ho Chi Minh city, you should catch a coach at Western bus station. The price for a ticket varies between 160.000 and 200.000 dong. If you travel by your own vehicle, you should drive to Can Tho then keep on driving about 70 kilometers before reaching Soc Trang.

Accommodations: The number of hotels and hostels in Soc Trang is quite limited. Therefore, it is suggested that you should visit some websites such as, for more information on booking. The room rate ranges from 290.000 dong to 1.200.000 dong per room per night.

Local specialties: Soc Trang is famous for a diversified cuisine composed of local specialties and other regions’ specialties. Some suggestions for you are noodles, snakehead fish porridge, seaweed soup, Pia cake and so on

Places of interest: there are many historical sites in Soc Trang such as Tam Vu pagoda, Doi pagoda, Dat Set pagoda and Sa Lon pagoda. Besides, if you are interested in ecotourism, you should go to Co Tan garden, Binh An resort and Noi market. Especially, in Lunar September, you will have opportunity to join Ooc Om Bok festival and boating festival.