Shopping in Vietnam

When travelling, everyone would like to buy something to use, to be a souvenir or a gift for friends and family. Visiting Vietnam, what to buy and where to buy are always questions of many tourists. Below are some tips for shopping in Vietnam:

  1. Souvenir

Vietnam is famous for having many sophisticated items. You can choose to buy an eye-catching ceramic jar, complicated carvings or hangers having lovely animal images. However, you should buy them in branded stores in local so you can get goods of the best quality and avoid fake items.

  1. Original products

Vietnamese characterized original items cannot be found everywhere. Therefore, if you can afford, you should not miss your favorite items.

  1. Consider when buying expensive branded items.

Vietnam is a developing country, its economy is being integrated into the world’s so fashion and cosmetic trends are always updated quickly. Foreign visitors can choose your suitable products with acceptable prices when wandering around big shopping centers in Vietnam.

  1. Limit buying your basic necessities such as soft wash, shampoos,… You should buy packed beverage and foods which are edible even when you come home.
  2. Smart shopping

Before going shopping, you should write down a necessary item list and search on the Internet for a store to save your time. Use your credit card, avoid to bring much money catching pickpockets’ attention.

For normal visitors, buy the most essential goods. You should not spend much time on admiring beauty spots and try local specialties so that you will not miss your flight or get lost…