Scattered thoughts of Tay Ninh tourism

People usually regard “smokelss industry” of Tay Ninh as “sleeping princess” who is waiting a wakeup call from prince. This comparison means that Tay Ninh has great potential to become  a hot spot in Vietnam tour package, but such potential is not appropriately exploited

During my Vietnam and Cambodia tours and Cambodia Vietnam Laos Myanmar tour, I had chance to visit Tay Ninh. I realize that, in fact, Tay Ninh has a lot of potential to develop tourism. As regards tourism resources, Tay Ninh lacks nothing but beaches. For example, it has many historical sites which can be taken advantaged to promote cultural tourism. With a diversity of flora and fauna system, Tay Ninh is capable of developing ecotourism. Besides, it has many famous temples for sightseeing and worship.

A question is raised “How have such resources been exploited for tourism development?”. In fact, exploitation started about 10 years ago. To be more precise, destinations such as Ba Den moutain and Cao Dai cathedral is attracting millions of tourists every year. Moc Bai border checkpoint is a special spot that attracts 2 million tourists coming to visit and go shopping

Scattered thoughts of Tay Ninh tourism

Scattered thoughts of Tay Ninh tourism

Why is it said that Tay Ninh’s potential of tourism has not been exploited? Maybe the answer is that millions of tourists come and leave in a day. They hardly decide to stay. If they stay, they just wander in Ba pagoda or Thanh temple. In fact, Tay Ninh does  not offer accommodations of high quality for luxurious tourists. Besides, most of tourists visit Tay Ninh mainly for religious purposes. That’s why Tay Ninh has many hotels but not many tourists from other provinces choose to stay the night in such hotels.

Tayninh has a lot of travelling spots but it hardly has any tourism products. According to Provision 10, Article 4, Tourism Law 2005, tourism products are a combination of necessary services that satisfy tourists’ needs in their trip. Answering questions of Saigon reporters, Tay Ninh officials said that “ The greatest weekness of Tay Ninh is tourism products”

Another weekness of Tay Ninh tourism is about tourism guiding. Local authority does not focus much on this issue. The qualification requirements to become a tour guide are a college degree and participating a training course

A majority of tour guides do not make any impressions on tourists. Therefore, many travelling companies decide to hire tour guides from Ho Chi Minh city. Another problem is that tour guides do not have a good command of knowledge related to tourism. So, when it comes to introduction of a place, they tend to seek help from presenters of such place

Awkwardly, such presenters do not seem to be fully awared of travelling spot, so their presentation is likely to be boring. Sometimes, they fail to answer questions of tourists due to lack of knowledge. It can be explained by the fact that famous destinations in Tay Ninh do not provide presenters with necessary documents let alone publishing such documents for tourists.

However, Tay Ninh tour is still attractive and alluring.