Safety in Vietnam for tourists

Besides concerns about expense, time, destination,…, your safety is also important when travelling. In addition to choosing a safe journey, buying tourism insurance and preparing essential medicines,… understanding about your destination’s culture and keeping your belongings carefully also play a crucial role in your trip’s success.

Vietnam is one of the most peaceful countries in the world. There has never been terrorism or military conflicts here. However, to have a safe tour in Vietnam, visitors should also pay attention to:

  1. Traffic safety

In Vietnam streets, especially in big cities, there’s always a large number of vehicles. Moreover, Vietnam transportation is also complicated and not follows certain lines. For those visiting Vietnam for the first time, it would be scaring to cross a street and drive a motorbike here. To reach your destination conveniently and get the best safety when travelling, you should buy a map and search for surrounding public transportations.

  1. Food safety in Vietnam

Be careful with street vendors. It is advisable for you to eat cooked foods and avoid raw foods, dishes made of raw fishes and vegetables. You should bring abdominal pain medication just in case. If you have food poisoning, you need to be provided with first aid and go to the nearest hospital immediately.

  1. Thieves and pickpockets.

In tourism and crowded areas, you need to keep your luggage and assets carefully. Do not give your belongings to strangers and avoid forgetting anything. You should go with a group so you can observe each other.