Requirements and some tips for the backpackers for the first time

  1. Requirements for drivers

When you feel sleepy, immediately notify the navigator or the person ending the team. Don’t drive when you feel sleepy.

Check your motorbike before the trip: it’s to keep you safe and avoid damaging your motorbike

  • Prepare at least one inner tube

Use rear mirror in accordance with your motorbike, both 2 sides (It’s is to avoid being asked by policemen about this)

Bring a full set of personal documents: motorbike’s documents, personal identity, driving license.

  • Follow the guide’s order

Don’t pass  the navigator (the leader). Only pass in need, but you have to back to the order immediately.

Requirements and some tips for the backpackers for the first time

Requirements and some tips for the backpackers for the first time

  1. Requirements for “holders”

Prepare a gum box for the driver when he gets sleepy.

Remind the driver to follow regulations

Remind the driver to turn on indicators when it gets dark

Talk with the driver ( It is to make the driver not sleepy)

Hold the driver to keep safe for yourself ( It has happened that the behind one was thrown when the motorbike went over a pot-hole)

Tell the driver when you feel sleepy for him to watch out for you. Don’t be ashamed, hold the driver tightly (Ask the driver about this in advance because some people feel tickle when someone touches them)

The space betweem seats: Don’t keep a large space between 2 people because when the driver accelerate, you can fail or slip to the front. Therefore, if you sit behind, remember to keep a suitable space to make both of you convenient. Throw the shame to keep safe for yourself and your partner.

Lean your body: When the driver turns, you need to lean your body in accordance with the turning angle. Some holders often lean reverse because they are afraid of tumble. It is totally mistaken. The experience is that you should look straight and lean to balance the motorbike and let the driver drive more easily.

Remind the driver: Because the driver has to concentrate on driving, don’t forget to warn him of hidden traffic signs on the way. Therefore, you are responsible to watch out, too. Don’t forget to tell the driver to speed down when he drive too fast.

Be a communicator: When the drivers are busy driving, the behind ones are reponsible for communication between drivers. Take the other “holders”’ number to call in need: there is a lost motorbike, your motorbike’s tyre get punctured,…

So above are some tips I learn from experience travelling in Vietnam trip packageMyanmar travel packages and Cambodia Vietnam travel. Wish you have a safe trip!