Price in Vietnam

Before exploring a new land, you will have to learn much information about that such as places to visit, food and drink, accommodation… So what about the price in Vietnam.

Comparing to other countries in the Southeast Asia, the price in Vietnam is suitable. Vietnamese have a medium living standard so the price is also average. There’s a difference between the life in the cities and that in the countryside which affects on the price. The price in tourism areas is usually higher because of service fee.

When you are in a big city where there are many tourists, you should be careful when buying anything, especially with the vendors. In most of stores, they have price shown on each item, but, some don’t have, so, you should bargain to get the best price as you could. According to valuable experiences, if the seller does not agree with your given price, you should go away and he will call you back and discount.

Before starting your tour, you also need to do some research for price of items you want to buy. For examples, the price for a bowl of noodle is about 35.000 VND (equivalent to 2 USD), a small souvenir ranges from 20.000 to 50.000 VND (1 to 3 USD),…

Above is some necessary information about price in Vietnam for visitors. Hope you will have a meaningful, happy and safety trip.