Plan to conquer Mui Doi (Double Capes)- The East Pole of Vietnam for a team of 10 members

This plan is made in advance in order to help members understand the itinerary and estimate the cost.

As I don’t have much experience in conquering Mui Doi, I made this plan by searching information on internet and asking for advice from my friends. This could be considered my first hiking holiday packages to VietnamYou can read my plan for reference.


2 days and 2 nights ( departure date: May 9th, return date: May 11th)


Point of departure: Ho Chi Minh City

Destination: Mui Doi, Van Ninh, Khanh Hoa

Route 1 : Ho Chi Minh- Tuy Hoa

Means of transport: Train No.SQN2

Time: 7pm-6am

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Tuy Hoa - Vietnam

Tuy Hoa – Vietnam

Route 2: Tuy Hoa-Dam Mon

Means of transport: motorbike. Estimated distance: 60 kilometers ( passing Ca pass and Co Ma pass)

You can hire a motorbike from Mr. Tung at the cost of 120 thousand Vietnam dong per day. His phone number is 0934074522. Then have something to eat in Tuy Hoa and remember to buy 3 litters of water for each person

It is worth travelling to Dam Mon

It is worth travelling to Dam Mon

Route 3: Dam Mon- Uncle Hai’s house

Passing the sandy hill by motorbike

Having lunch and taking a rest at Uncle Hai’s house

Route 4: Uncle Hai’s house- Mui Doi

Time: 3 pm- 6 pm

7pm: putting up the tent, bulding a campfire , cooking the food at Bai Rang, 1 kilometer from Cuc Dong

Mui Doi - Vietnam

Mui Doi – Vietnam

Route 5: Conquering the East Pole

Time: 4 am- 8am

Climbing rapids, ledges to reach Mui Doi

There are two ways: you can either choose to climb rapids and ledges or choose to go around the ledges with a rope.

Saying goodbye to The East Pole

8h: preparing to get on the train to return Uncle Hai’s house

Hiring a canoe, reaching Uncle Hai’s house at 9 am.

Relaxing and making for Dam Mon at 11 am

Passing the sandy hill at 11 am, swimming at Xuan Dung beach

Making for Tuy Hoa

3 pm: making for Tuy Hoa

5 pm: having food, taking back the motorbikes, preparing to get on train

6:30 pm: making for Tuy Hoa train station

7:45 pm: getting on the train SE3 to move to Saigon

4 am: arriving at Saigon

Estimated Cost:

Return train ticket: 6,730,000

  • Motorbike rent: 1,300,000 
  • Gasoline cost : 500,000 
  • Paying for Uncle Hai: 400,000 
  • Tent :320,000 
  • Luch at Uncle Hai’s house:500.000
  • Breakfast300,000 
  • Food:200,000 
  • Boat rent:1,300,000 
  • Instant noodle :100,000 
  • Fastfood: 200,000 
  • Swimming-related cost:500,000 

Well, it somehow reminds me of my Vietnam Cambodia tours.

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