Places for food and drink in Hoi An

Hoi An is not only famous for being a world heritage recognized by UNESCO, but also for its unique specialities.

You can try many attractive dishes in Hoi An:

Cao Lau (A kind of noodles): It is sold in many places in Vietnam. However, only in Hoi An, you can try all its special and delicious taste. It is orginated from 17 century. It is made with some pork, and a spicy, sweet, and sour sauce. You can come Mrs. Be restaurant on Tran Phu street, or Trung Bac restaurant at 87 Tran Phu, Thanh restaurant at 26 Thai Phien to try this dish.

Chicken rice: It is quite popular with many travellers. It is sold at the price of 15.000d – 20.000 per portion. Famous restaurants are Mrs. Buoi restaurant (26 Phan Chau Trinh), Mrs. Minh restaurant (Ly Thuong Kiet), Mr. Xi restaurant (Kiet Ba Le)….

Bread: Phuong bread on Hoang Dieu street was rated as the restaurant of most delicious bread in Vietnam by an international travell magazine. Don’t forget to try this bread.

Hoanh thanh (a kind of noodles): The main ingredients include flour, eggs, and shrimps. It is made quite carefully and meticulously to make even prissy clients satisfactory. You can choose Anh Dung restaurant (14 Ba Trieu), Van Loc restaurant (27 Tran Phu) to try this dish.

Quang noodle: not only sold in Hue and Danang, Quang noodle is also sold in Hoi An. It is seen as a traditional dish of Hoi An. Travellers can come Mrs. Minh restaurant in Cam Ha area – Hoi An city to try this dish.

Dumplings & cauldron cake: It may be the kind of cake which is sold only in Hoi An. Its shape is similar to another kind of cake in Hue – banh bot loc. However, they are different in flavour, and ingredients. You can come White Rose restaurant (535 Hai Ba Trung) to try this dish.