Perfume Pagoda

Perfume Pagoda is a complex of culture – religion and a famous beauty-spot in Vietnam in general and Hanoi in particular. Perfume Pagoda festival annually starts in January and finishes in March according to Lunar calendar.

Also known as Huong Son Pagoda, the pagoda was built in XVII century and rebuilt in 1988 in Huong Son Village, My Duc District, Hanoi, and 70 km far from city center. Tourist guests can visit the whole complex just in a day or some days depending on your time.

Traveling to Perfume Pagoda, visitors have chance to enjoy amazing landscapes with a lot of up and down mountains when rowing boat along Yen Stream. Arriving at this pagoda, the first destination you should explore is Thien Tru pagoda, and then take a cable or walk to Huong Tich Cave. These are 2 outstanding places in Perfume Pagoda that should not be missed in one day trip.

Perfume Pagoda Tour is divided into 4 different routes for visitors easily decide what to see. If you just go a – day – trip, you can take Huong Son route according to the itinerary: Trinh Temple – Tien Son Cave – Giai Oan Pagoda – Tran Song temple – Huong Tich cave – Hinh Bong Temple. If your trip lasts  2 days, you can visit Huong Son route first and then discover Tuyet Son route according to the itinerary: Bao Dai pagoda – Chua Ca cave – Tuyet Son cave or Long Van route: Long Van pagoda – Long Van Cave – Sung Sam cave.

When visiting Perfume Pagoda, visitors will not only enjoy amazing sights, incredible caves and unique ancient pagodas’ architecture, but also have chance to try special food like apricot or different kinds of sweet soup. Along two sides to Perfume Pagoda, there are numerous souvenirs so that you can choose and buy anything you want.

Actually, to make it more easily, you should choose reliable tourist agencies helping you organize a tour to Perfume Pagoda. If you go with a group tour, the price is about  550.000 VND to 650.000 VND per person. The cost for a private tour is usually much higher than that.