Nha Trang Travel Information

Being on too much Vietnam package holidays, I have accumulated quite a lot experience to travel in tight budget. Below is my own experience in order to travel to Nha Trang economically, enjoy specialities at a reasonable price and have fun.


  • How to get there

Setting off from Saigon

If you get car sickness, you should choose berth booking

You can travel to Nhatrang by Phuong Trang coach, the ticket price is 160.000 vnd/person.  

Phuong Trang ticket office

272 De Tham, 1 District, Hochiminh city

If you want to get a good seat, you should book middle seats 2 days in advance, particularly when you plan to travel at the weekend

If you want to have a seat near your companions or you want to bring your children with you, you should book back seats of the 2nd floor to get a smooth travel. You should not book seats of the 1st floor unless you want  to get some sleep

Travel by coach is convenient, so many people prefer this kind of transportation to visit their families at weekend. They usually set off on Friday and return Saigon on Sunday morning. After you have decided your departure day, you should book a ticket as soon as possible.

  • Accomodation

You should also book a room as soon as possible. I usually book a room at a hotel near the beach.  A room with balcony at the price of 250 thousand Vietnam dong per day is a wise choice. Because you are expected to travel a lot during this journey, a tidy, clean and convinient  room is all you need.

Netwwork of hotels at 64B Tran Phu offers a wide variety of rooms. It takes you no more than 3 minutes to go to the beach.

Getting around Nha Trang

You should ask a receptionist to book a motorbike to travel instead of going on foot or getting a taxi

Thanks to the motorbike, I could be able to buy some popcorn on the way to the port. Later, I realised there are many couples. People moving to the port turn off their car lights in order not to interupt the romance of couples.

Nha Trang - the wonderful beach in Vietnam

Nha Trang – the wonderful beach in Vietnam

  1. Exploring Nhatrang’s cuisine

I have searched information on the internet and asked for advice from my friends. There are some specialites worth trying

  • Beef Noodle of Aunt Thi, 20 Phan Chu Trinh, Nhatrang

25.000vnd/a small bowl and 35.000vnd/a big one

The beef is tender, tasty  and the soup is delicious

  • Rice noodle soup of Aunt Loc, 30 Phan Chu Trinh, Nhatrang

5 blocks from Aunt Thi’s mall, reasonable price

You just need to pay 30.000vnd/ 2 people, but you can have more if you want

  • Huynh Lai Chicken congee, 2 Phan Chu Trinh, Nhatrang

I often go there to buy chiken congee for Khang

  • Lac Canh Grilled beef, 44 Nguyen Binh Khiem

If you have time, you should try grilled shrimp on sugarcane which takes 30 minutes to prepare.

  • Spring roll, Dang Van Quyen

16B Lan Ong, Le Loi crossroad, 25.000vnd/serving

Spring roll in Ngoc Tien store at 59 Le Thanh Phuong or Dang Van Phuong has received favorable online reviews. I have tried both of them but I found the store on Dang Van Phuong street has more open space and fresher vegetables and  spring roll is more delicious in spite of being served at the same price as that at 59 Le Thanh Phuong.it is just a matter of personal taste. If I have another chance, I will go for Dang Van Quyen instead of Ngoc Tien.



So far, spring roll in Ninh Hoa has striken travelers as an irresistible dish. However, Ninh Hoa spring roll offered in Nhatrang is more famous than it is in original place. After a period of 30 years,passing 34 kilometers to be present at Nhatrang, Ninh Hoa spring roll  gradually becomes popular under the name of “Nhatrang spring roll” although its recipe and flavour still remains unchanged over the course of time

Ninh Hoa spring roll is mainly made from pork. People just take 10 kilograms leg of a pig to make spring roll.  Then the leg is minced and mixed with some pigskin, garlic and pepper. Then grill the mixture on a stick using a coal stoven.

  • Trung broken rice

10/4 Ly Tu Trong, Nhatrang city, Khanh Hoa, opposite Ly Tu Trong high school

  1. Entertainment

– Sailing club

It is near Tran Phu- Biet Thu crossroad. I can go there on foot. It has a nice view and airy space. Most of the customers here are foreigners.

You may have chance to see DJ from other countries singing or dancing. It usually gets crowded from 11pm and you can spend the night here

– A boat trip to visit 4 islands

You must not miss boat trip if you go to Nhatrang. You can ask a receptionist to book a boat tour with the cost of 120.000vnd/person. The most interesting thing is that when you reach Hon Mot island, you can take part in a music performance. People uses tools to make a stage and sit next to each other. You can dance if you want. Then comes so called “ happy hour”. The music is played at high volume and everyone goes swimming.

I realise that small enterprises compete with large ones using a unique method- “human-based method”. A tour guide is a MC, a captain is a cook and a musician. Only by this method can they survive.

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