Nam Du – regretful but wonderful

Nam Du… which I have been thinking of since I saw the pictures of it in May. I was very determined to prepare for a Vietnam tour packages to there, and finally, that day came. I prepare for all such as recruitment, making plan, booking tickets in only one week.

At 23:00 p.m Friday, June 27th, our team of 10 people from Saigon set off to Rach Gia-Kien Giang. As other trips, I still recruited the ones I haven’t known before, who I enticed to go on Facebook.

Exactly at 6 o’clock, we gathered at Kien Giang station, and hired a motorbike taxi to get to the express train station, which is 15 km far from there.

Everyday, there is only one train to Nam Du, which departs at 8:15. Especially, on the days the sea is rough, the train doesn’t run. 1 day before I set off, bro Bay in Nam Du told me that the train didn’t run because of rough sea, so he didn’t know when I came, the train would run or not. That time, I thought that: “Never mind, come Rach Gia”. Luckily, having arrived at Rach Soi station, I received the notification that the train will run.

The ticket price for a train to Nam Du is 220.000vnd/person. The passenger is so crowded that there is mostly no blank space. It takes 3 hours to get to Nam Du from Rach Gia. If you are seasick or not accustomed to going by vessel, you should take medicine for sure. That day I saw many people get seasick because the wave was quite rough.

After 3 hours of being on the sea, we finally got to Big island of Nam Du. Many residents live here. They primarily catch fish for a living. It took me by surprise that no one asked us to hire motorbikes or rooms.

I booked a lunch from bro Bay in advance. When we got on the island, her wife took us to their home to have meal. After having a wash, having meal, we take a nap until 12:15, and walked to the vessel station to visits the island of Nam Du.

As the title said, I was quite regretful because the sea was little choppy I couldn’t visit many small islands, and had to back to Dau island where we camped overnight.

The sea water around Nam Du archipelago was so pure and clean that you can watch fishes swimming when the water withdraws.

The sea water around Nam Du archipelago was so pure and clean

The sea water around Nam Du archipelago was so pure and clean

Not similar to the previous voyage, this time I have had much experience such as paddling basket, catching sea-chestnut, and especially fishing. On Dau island, there are so many kinds of fishes that you can catch fishes even when you stand on the shore. As long as you drop a fishing-rod, a flesh of fish rush to eat baits. We catch about 10 fishes then go to catch sea-chestnut to grill for dinner.

You shouldn’t worry about what to eat on Nam Du. You just need spend about 30 minutes fishing to have a feast, not to mention that you even can make a delicious pot of sea-chestnut porridge.

After fishing, paddling basket, drinking coconut, we headed to Ngang island to have a meal. Then, we went around Ngang island to discover the locals’ life. I was badly impressed by so much garbage here. Garbage was everywhere. Moreover, the population on the island is very dense, making me feel so cramped.

At about 7:30 p.m, we were taken to Dau island. On the way, we met a fishing vessel, and bought very much seafood. I was very lucky because bro Bay bought fresh and big cuttle-fish for me, I had the chance to buy fishes right on the vessel.

The vessel took us return in the night. The feeling of moving in the dark sea was so strange and difficult. It made me admire fishermen very much.

Nam Du has prestine beauty

Nam Du has prestine beauty

When we arrived in Dau island, we started to make a campfire, steam crabs, cuttle-fishes, oysters. Fishes were grilled. It was not only cheap but also delicious.

After eating, we put up tents to go to sleep. I and some of my friends chatted with bro Bay. We wish that this island would be still primitive as now when we return afterwards.

On the day we left, the weather was not good. In the morning, the sun hid afer the cloud, making us regret not watching the dawn on the sea. We decided to sleep more. At 8:00 a.m, each got a bowl of seafood noodle, drank coconut and got on the vessel Hon Lon to climb up to the lighthouse.

When leaving Dau island, I felt so attached to there, especially 2 friendly, and energetic kids who showed us how to fish, cath sea-chesnut, and paddle basket.

We were present on the big island at 9:30. The express train from Hon Long to Rach Gia departed at 12:00. We just climb up on An Tinh mountain and returned not to miss the train.

Saying goodbye to Nam Du, and bro Bay, and little friends, I was very regretful. Therefore, I have once more reason to return this place. I bet that Nam Du tour will soon become as popular as Hanoi holiday packages and Hoi An holiday packages.I will visit this wonderful islands on the most recent day.

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