Mui Ne travel guide

Mui Ne is tourism center of Phan Thiet beach city, Binh Thuan province. With long-stretching sandy beaches, blue sea water and romantic fishing villages, Mui Ne is surely an ideal suggestion for those who love beach.

Being 22 kilometers far from Phan Thiet city, Mui Ne has a lot of scenic places and historical sites. Bellows are some famous places that are recommended to you:

Hon Rom beach: It is a beach with unique rocks looking out to the sea. During rainy season, Hon Rom beach is covered in green. When dry season comes, it has sparkling yellow color of weed and grass, making a stunning landscape.

Golden Sand hill: it is also called “ flying sand hill” which stretches from Binh Thuan to Ninh Thuan. It is famous for its appearance which is its wonderful mix of colors, namely red color of iron and golden color of sand.

Mui Ne stream: with 10 kilometers long surrounded by Hon Rom and Hon Nghe, Mui Ne stream is well-known for its wild and romantic beauty with the cajuput forest nearby. There are many small streams flowing from the caved named Long Son Suoi Nuoc. You can try hot stream bathing, take a boat trip to discover the beauty of the cajuput forest and walk along the coast. If you want to get thrilled, you can try windsurfing.

Mui Ne fishing village: Located 3 kilometers far from the town, Mui Ne fishing village owns hundreds of fishing boat. It is a wonderful place for sight-seeing and taking photos. Moreover, you can buy fresh fish and shrimps caught by local fishermen.

Ta Cu mountain: If you visit Mui Ne, you should not miss Ta Cu mountain where you can enjoy mountain climbing and conquering the peak of Ta Cu mountain. There are two famous pagodas namely Linh Son Long Doan and Linh Son Truong Tho pagoda with a Buddha statue of 48 meters long and 11 meters high.

In addition to the above mentioned places, you can also go to other places such as Ke Ga lighthouse, Fairy stream, Mui Ne rock site, Ong Hoang palace.