Local currency in Vietnam

Vietnam Dong is the official currency in Vietnam. There are two kinds: paper currency and polymer banknote.

Paper money’s value is often low, including: 500 dong, 1.000 dong, 2.000 dong and 5.000 dong.

Polymer banknotes have higher value, consist of: 10.000 dong, 20.000 dong, 50.000 dong, 100.000 dong, 200.000 dong and 500.000 dong.

Vietnam is a developing country and in integration process. When visiting Vietnam, visitors can use cash, cheques or credit cards easily. In Vietnam, even you are on a tour, you are not allowed to bring more than US$ 7,000.00 converted into other currencies. If bringing more, you need to inform Customs or have an official paper of an organization with clear purpose for delivering the money. According to Vietnam’s law, currency is not  permitted to be exchanged freely, so visitors should go to the banks for exchanging with the suitable rate.

Apart from bank, you can easily find the exchange services in tourist city centre areas. Here, they accept different kinds of currency in the world and Southeast Asia such as: Euro and dollars… The exchange rate is stuck outside and usually changeable. You should check it carefully before exchange. In case there are not any banks and exchange services near your stay, you can do it at your hotel. However, you might receive less money comparing to exchanging in a bank.

There are ATMs in Vietnam’s streets. If you use a bank in global ATM network or Cirrus Plus credit card, you can find an ATM having the same bank name. Tourists can withdraw money from Master Card by ATM Cirrus and Visa Card by ATM Plus. You can withdrawing maximum 5 million VND per time and 30 million VND per day.

Large restaurants, luxurious hotels and shopping centers in Vietnam all accept credit card. However, if you want to have a tour in countryside or mountainous areas, you should bring cash because it is difficult to find an ATM or a bank there.