Introduction about Sapa

Sapa Vietnam information: Sapa is a mountainous district of Lao Cai province. This famous tourist site is complimented in many foreign magazines by its fresh air, wonderful scenes and diverse culture of local ethnics.

Sapa town, located at the height of 1600m above sea level, is also called the roof of Indochina, 38km away from Lao Cai city and 376km from Hanoi. It has population of about 42 thousand people, including 6 minority ethnics: Dao, Mung, Tay, Giay, Xa Pho, Kinh and Hoa with many traditional customs and cultures.

The etymology of the name Sa Pa is Chinese in origin: “Sa Pả” means “sand village”. Long time ago, this was just a sandy place where markets took place. Sapa was discovered by French and called as “Cha Pa”, then Vietnamese decided to call it Sapa.

Before visiting Sapa, it is necessary to find out Sapa information and Sapa travel information as well. Coming to Sapa, you will have chance to admire the beauty of Heaven Gate, Fansipan mount, Ham Rong Mountain, Silver Fall,… and immerse yourself into peaceful space with many mysterious things that nature brings about, forget the grief, worries in daily life.

It is special that visitors can talk to local people, experience Sapa love market, listen to the love sound of “Khen” – one of typical musical instruments and see ethnic girls dancing.

Finally, if you visit Sapa, you should not miss to enjoy mountainous specialties such as: white and green cauliflower, red beetroot and chayote, squash… Besides, you should also buy some brocatelle souvenirs, colorful clothes made by ethnic minority girls’ skillful hands.