Information about Son La

Son La province is located in the Northwest of Vietnam, 300km away from Hanoi in direction of Highway 6. The province has many attractions which still remain wilderness and spectacular, promising interesting experiences.

With a departure from Hanoi, visitors can go to Son La by bus or a coach in My Dinh Coach Station. However, because of long distance, you should book a berth to assure your health and then be ready to explore Son La’s nature and local people’s life.

If you follow a tour held by a travel agency, you will not have to care about accommodation. However, if you travel alone, you can find a hotel or a motel easily in Son La without making a reservation in advance.

Most of tourists pay their special attention to specialties in places they visit. In Son La, you can try buffalo leather salad, grilled fish, save dots, sticky rice,… with original taste which you cannot find anywhere else.

When vehicles, accommodation, foods are ready, you can visit some of these famous places in Son La:

Son La Prison. Almost tourists coming to Son La visit this place. The prison is located on the top of Khau Ca hill and was built by French in 1908. The wall was made of bricks and stones, corrugated roofs, no ceiling, prisoners’ beds were also built of stone, outer edge of foot shackles mounted along the length of the floor. Under the devastation of time and war, the prison was ruined quite a lot but still be one of the most attracting tourist sites in Son La nowadays.

Son La Museum. The place stores and displays many objects reflecting cultural life of 12 minority ethnics, and thousands of antiquities. In addition, you also can find a collection of books in ancient Thailand and Dao; nearly a thousand books of this collection belong to epic and folktale.

Moc Chau. Moc Chau might be the place which is favored by many people. Visiting Moc Chau, you can enjoy fresh air, beautiful savanna and stretching fields of white cauliflower. You also have chance to discover heritages and beauty spots in Moc Chau such as: Doi cave, pine forest in the village of Ang, Dai Yem fall, Phieng Luong mount, Chien Vien pagoda,… and understand the customs and traditional values of local minority ethnics.

Mong village. Lying in Hua La commune, Son La city, Mong village has a beautiful scenery with undulate mountains, hills planting coffees, plump, peach and pine trees. If you come here in the spring, you can admire the beauty of different flowers with special cents, see traditional houses in stilts as well as immerse yourself in warm waters in the stream to relax and enjoy the peaceful life here.

Pa Uon Bridge. Being called the highest bridge of Vietnam, Pa Uon is situated in Chien On commune, Quynh Nhai district. The bridge has the height of 105m. Standing on the bridge, you will see deep blue water and hills in far distance as well as clouds above the sky, they create a wonderful picture ever.

Son La hydroelectric plant. This is the biggest hydroelectric building in Southeast Asia. Located in It Ong commune, Muong La district, the plant attracts thousands of visitors to visit Da river in holiday. Travellers can see the surprising beauty of man-made engineering with large scale in spectacular mountainous areas.

Overall, when coming to Son La Vietnam, there are many beautiful and interesting places for you to visit. Especially, tourists can experience mountainous life with quite space, being away from hurry life in urban.