Improve returning rate in Vietnam tour packages

Although the number of foreign booking Vietnam tour packages has recently increased, nearly 90% of them are the ones who have visited for the first time. The returning rate in Vietnam is a headache of the government.

It is collected from a report of Management Board of Development of responsible travel for environment and society Program ( EU Project) at 5 main sites: Sapa, Ha Long, Hue, Da Nang, Hoi An.

Vietnam tour packages and the reality of low returning rate

According to this program, tourist sites in Vietnam mostly attracts travellers for the first time. Actually, tourists enjoy the exotic scenes there, but do not like tourism service, which is the culprit of low returning rate. 

It is a fact we need to consider carefully. The ones returning Vietnam are mostly overseas Vietnamese visiting relatives or the ones who come Vietnam for work. Some people are from neighboring countries.

39% of domestic travellers visit for the first time, 24% visit for the second time, and only 13% visit for the third time.

The weaknesses of Vietnam travel are analysed carefully, but they are not enough to improve the situation, and help Vietnam keep up with other countries in the number of old travellers.

Sapa - famous attraction in Vietnam tour packages

Sapa – famous attraction in Vietnam tour packages

The result also shows that Hoi An tour packages and Da Nang tour packages attracts more travellers to stay than Sapa, Hue, and Ha Long do. On average, travellers stay in Da Nang, Hoi An for 4 – 5 nights, while stay Hue, Sapa, or Ha Long only for 1,5 – 2,5 nights. However, to foreign travellers the period of time of stay in Ha Long is longer than in Hoi An, Da Nang.

The result of EU Project shows that, nearly 22,8% of foreigners and 31,3 % of Vietnamese perfer staying in 3-star hotels. The second popular type of aaccomodation are homestay ( 22,2%) and 4-star hotels (13.9%). To domestic travellers, they are hostels (18,9%), and 1-2 star hotels (17,4%). Only 12,4% of foreign travellers stay 5-star hotels. This shows that travellers in Vietnam are moslty of medium class.

However, in fact, the quality of service in Vietnam has many weaknesses. Investment without consideration can threaten the long-term development of Vietnam travel.

The lack of care for travellers’ feelings is a reason. In Vietnam, investors often care for profit, not the feelings of travellers, and the ways of maintenance of the landscape. Meanwhile, travellers’ feedbacks are indispensible for developers of travel.

If the developers of travel in Vietnam need to consider tourists’ feedback more to develop travel in Vietnam.

The patterns of travel are simple, and similar between lands. The advertising for travel is limited. The research for market is not developed. The result of travel fairs is not really satisfactory although the expenditure is very large.

Internet is now an important resource of travel. 60% foreign travellers, and 45% domestic travellers use Internet to look for travel’s information. The second popular way is by mouth, which is used by 33,7% of foreign travellers, and 32,3% of domestic travellers. Only more than 25% foreign travellers look for information through travel agencies. Meanwhile, about 27,4 % of domestic travellers use TV for information of travel.

Some people consume that Vietnam is just a country for discovery. However, with the endeavor of government to improve its own service, Vietnam definitely will become a hot tourism destination in the future.