“I love traveling”- Phan Le Ai Phuong shares her homestay experiences in Malaysia

“I love traveling”-  Phan Le Ai Phuong shares her homestay experiences in Malaysia

Of all places that Phan Le Ai Phuong has been to, homestay tour in Malaysia last year leaves her the most memorial experiences. Below is our interview with her.

HW: What prompted you to choose homestay tour instead of luxurious hotels?

Ai Phuong: Actually, I was invited to visit Malaysia by its tourism promotion department. As far as I am concerned, a lot of Western tourists prefer homestay as they want to have new experiences in Eastern countries. It is true that hotels are more comfortable and convenient. However, you will not be close to nature as well as people and culture. Especially, during my trip I had chance to wear Malaysia traditional clothes and take part in a wedding in rural area.

HW: What are your impressions about Malaysia?

Ai Phuong:  What impressed me the most is that the awareness of local people to preserve nature is good and foods are plentiful. I gathered that Malaysia people love sweetened foods . That’s why a large amount of sugar is added into curry. The climate there is similar to Vietnam. Well, you know, it is quite hot like us. As a result, I have to supply myself with water constantly in order to move during the trip. Tourists coming to Malaysia tend to go sightseeing rather than go shopping like in Singapore. I bought some souvenirs such as keychains, a necklace and a bracelet which is attached with a model of Petronal Twin Tower- a symbol of Malaysia.

A moment of Malaysia

A moment of Malaysia

HW: After this trip, what do you want to share with your friends?

Ai Phuong: well, I did not have much time to prepare for this trip. Therefore, If I have chance to return Malaysia, I think I will pack more canned foods, a three prong edelectrical outlet and a pair of sport shoes as the trip requires much movements.

For those who travel to Malaysia the first time, my advice is that you should join a tour because it is much safer. Besides, you will be taken to al lot of famous places such as Taman Negara National Garden, George Old Quarter, etc…You may have chance to visit sacred places such as temples or pagodas so you had better dress formally.

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