Hue weather

Hue is a travelling city in the centre of Vietnam with a lot of famous relics and attractions. The weather in Hue is special and much different from that of other provinces in the North and the South of Vietnam.

The climate in Hue is tropical monsoon (mixture). Therefore, there is no absolute winter or dry season in Hue like in the North, or the South.

The weather in Hue is divided into 2 types:  hot-dry, and cold-wet. The hot season starts in May, and ends in September due to the influence of Southwest wind. The average temperature is about 27 – 29oC. It is hottest in May, and June with the temperature about 38-40oC. Meanwhile, the cold season streches from October to March. At this time, owing to the influence of monsoon from the North, it rains a lot and becomes colder in Hue. The average temperature is about 20 – 22oC. The lowest temperature measured is 8oC.

One of the most impressive and unforgettable features of Hue is rain which can be considered as “specialty” of Hue. Rainy season usually begins from early September. Especially, rain has been an endless inspiration for art and music.

Despite extreme weather conditions, local people have managed to change them into favorable conditions for tourism development. Many restaurants, hotels and coffee shops have their architecture and decoration inspired from rain. In addition, Hue people also produce their own souvenirs and crafts such as conical hat, rain coat, cyclo and so on.

Nowadays, many people choose to visit Hue during rainy season to enjoy its speacial beauty. Its solemn and romantic beauty never fails to attract tourists.