Hue overview

Hue is a famous tourist city in the centre of Vietnam. It had been a centre of culture – politics of feudal dynasties with a lot of relics and unique landscapes.

Basically, Hue is one of the cities in Vietnam rich in culture and history. It was recognized as the world heritage (with Complex of Hue Monuments) and world cultural intangible heritage (with Hue’s royal music).

The Complex of Hue Monuments will show people many kinds of architecture such as: palaces, temples, pagodas, …. The buildings which were built under Nguyen family’s Emperor from the XIX century to the XX century have been kept quite well.

Visiting Hue, travellers can have a chance to listen 8 kinds of  royal music which appeared under the Emperors of Le’s family, and Nguyen’s family, as well as 60 songs of Hue, which express many levels of feelings.

Hue is famous for royal and traditional festivals. Royal festivals reflect the life, and rituals of royal members. Meanwhile, traditional festivals are very various. They can be the festival for commemmorating ancestors who created traditional trades, or built villages,…

Moreover, food in Hue is very various and delicious. Travellers can taste more than 1000 Hue’s dishes, including the dishes for Kings. Besides, they can try famous local dishes, like: beef noodles, vegetarian dishes, “bánh bèo”, “bánh bột lọc”,…