How to get to Vietnam

Vietnam is a Northeast country bordering Pacific. To get to Vietnam, travelers can choose from these selections:

*Getting to Vietnam by Plane

Vietnam has 9 international airports scattered in North, Centre and South Vietnam. 3 biggest airports are Noi Bai Airport, Da Nang Airport and Tan Son Nhat Airport.

Nowadays, in Vietnam, there are 4 domestic airways and 22 international airways which have flight line to Noi Bai Airport. Some other international airlines are considering whether opening flight path to this airport.

Tan Son Nhat airport ranks first for its airport capacity and the number of passengers. There are 3 domestic airlines and 43 international airlines (5 of them are seasonal) having their flight line to Tan Son Nhat airport.

Da Nang International Airport is the biggest airport in the center of Tay Nguyen. 4 domestic and 13 international airlines have their flight line to this airport. From Da Nang, there are 9 domestic and 25 international flight paths.

*Getting to Vietnam by Car

From China, Lao or Cambodia to Vietnam, tourists can use a car. Vietnam road system was invested, which is convenient for travelling.

*Getting to Vietnam by Vessel

If you intend to take a cruise, choosing vessel is an appropriate choice. Vietnam has a harbor system running through the coast. Large harbors such as: Hai Phong, Vung Tau, Nha Trang, Dung Quat has been attracted a large number of visitors each year.