How to get to Sapa

Sapa is the famous tourist destination in Lao Cai, Vietnam. If you want to get to Sapa from Hanoi, you can get there by different ways such as by road or by train

Until now, Lao Cai hasn’t operated airport to serve tourists traveling by air. So to get to Sapa, there are only two means of transport: bus and train.

Get to Sapa by train

Sapa is 38 km far away from Lao Cai city and 376 km from Hanoi. Because of the long distance, tourists should choose to get to Lao Cai by train in order to be healthy and have a wonderful trip.

Normally, trains depart from Hanoi Station at 9 or 10 pm and arrive at Lao Cai tomorrow morning. The price depends on the demand’s service: economical or business. The train ticket is about 250.000 VND per person per way. When you get to Lao Cai Station, you can catch a bus to go to Sapa with the price 10.000 VND per person, or catch a passenger bus with the price 30.000 VND per person. Or even, you can take a taxi with the price about 350.000 VND

If you visit Sapa in group, you can rent a bus for the whole trip. However, if you go to Sapa alone, you can go to Hanoi bus station and catch a bus which has beds inside. The price is about 250.000 to 300.000 VND per person per way.

Getting to Sapa, the advantage of bus is flexible in time, the bus goes directly to Sapa without stop in Lao Cai. However, there are some obstacles such as weather or bumpy roads. If you are carsick, you shouldn’t choose this transportation.

Finally, arriving at Sapa, you can rent motorbikes to visit famous destinations with the price about 120.000 VND per motor or you can rent motorbike taxi driver to go to 3 – 4 nearby places with the price 100.000 VND. It is more convenient for tourists to rent a car or join in travel agencies so as to ensure the whole itinerary without skipping any tourist places.