Have a stroll along Han river

Danang has many beaches. Its coast is very beautiful. What makes Danang beautiful may be not beaches, but Han river.

I love the fog of the early morning. Han river flows slowly, and quietly. On 2 sides of the river, some people walk to look for some peace. Streets are very quiet.

However, night is the time Han river is more beautiful than any time in a day.

I came Danang in a night of firework. Everything was sparkling. The river is full of light, and flower garlands, coloured lanterns. I am not a local, but at that time I felt very proud of the river.

I thought that at other nights, Danang has nothing special. However, I was wrong. I walked all night in Danang. I sit on benches for hours. I visit all places of Danang on a pedicab. However, the destination I chose was always Han river.

“Han” means “cold” in Chinese language. Although sometimes I felt alone when standing in front of the river, I still don’t think it is “cold”.

Have a stroll along Han river

Have a stroll along Han river

The bridge running across this river is one of the most beautiful and special bridges of Vietnam. They call it “Han river’s bridge”, or “Swing bridge”. At 01:30 a.m every day, it automatically swings a round. It backs to the starting point at about 04:00 a.m. It is said that it is to help ships deliver goods easily.

Looking down from the bridge, I once thought that human is very prodigious. Even this bridge can be made to swing, so all things can be changed. However, some things never can be changed. For example, this river can not be changed. It still flows even if there is this city or not.

I spent 2 night standing on the bridge, waiting for it to swing. I saw the river flow, and feel the quietness, and peace of the city.

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