Hanoi Markets

The most bustling markets in Hanoi always attract a lot of visitors by various commodities and delicious cuisine with traditional flavor.

Discovering famous markets in Hanoi, visitors have chances to buy a lot of souvenirs such as handicrafts, ceramics, silk, accessories or sugared dry apricot, green rice and lotus tea.

If you plan to explore and go shopping in Hanoi, you should visit below markets:

Hom market

Located at 79 Hue Street, Hom Market is probably the best place for fabric, not just inside, but also in the many shops across the road – they specialize in particular materials and weaves. Additionally, they sell wide range of fruits by peddling.

Cooked dishes with Hanoi traditional flavor are always available at Hom Market so that visitors can buy food to enjoy with families and friends

Long Bien Market

Long Bien Market is known as the central market of fruits and vegetable in Hanoi where visitors can find large numbers of trucks and people starting their business at 10 p every  night. By midnight, the sounds of people haggling and yelling blend with those of truck and motorbike engines and horns. Coming here, you will feel the pace of busy life and the local’s work.

Dong Xuan Market

As the largest market in Hanoi, Dong Xuan is good for fabrics, electronic as well as household appliances and souvenirs. A recent innovation is a late night outdoor market and a long line of small food stalls selling a variety of traditional street food such as noodles, rolled cakes, fermented pork rolls,…..

Hang Be Market

Hang Be Market is nestled in the heart of the Old Quarter, 5 minute walk from the Hoan Kiem Lake. This place still conserve market’s traditional features and Hanoian’s cultural atmosphere.

Hang Be Market also is famous for offering all kinds of goods, which are uncooked meat, cooked meat, fruits, dry food, worshiping items……from regions in Vietnam.

Thanh Cong Market

Located on La Thanh, Giang Vo – far away from Old Quarters, Thanh Cong Market is very busy and bustling with numerous eye-catching stalls. For those people who are looking for an authentic food experience, Thanh Cong is an ideal destination because there are a lot of street food like dried beef salad, shrimp and pork dumpling, snail noodle soup, oyster rice porridge, black been sweet soup, mango sweet soup, Thai sweet soup……

Nghia Tan market

Visiting Nghia Tan market in the winter, travelers can have a chance to buy coats as well as sweaters with good prices. It is also famous for students’ favorite street foods such as Vietnamese rice and pork pyramid dumplings, tofu, half-hatched duck eggs, boiled snails in ginger fish sauce, fermented pork rolls…